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{ Wonders of Whim }

Mystery boxes intuitively hand-picked by the Creatures staff.


Anything we sell could wander into your box (including local and handmade goods you won't find on our website). Examples include: tarot decks, cauldrons, tapestries, crystals, tea, incense, bracelets, room sprays, and notebooks—among others.


We will do our best to include 1 higher-price item aligned with your theme or intention.


You will also receive savings of 20% off the retail price (discount already applied).

  • Creatures' Crystal Cauldron (crystals only) - $22.22
  • Spellbinding Scoop (small items only*) - $22.22
  • Wee Box of Wonders - $25
  • Curious Box of Wonders - $50
  • Mischievous Box of Wonders - $75
  • Ethereal Box of Wonders - $111
  • Celestial Box of Wonders - $222


*The Spellbinding Scoop is limited to small items - including, but not limited to: stickers, pins, keychains, small crystal carvings, etc. If you would rather have all crystals, please select "Creatures' Crystal Cauldron" instead.


**Per our store policy, refunds and exchanges are not accepted. Send us an email us if you have any issues with your box.

Wonders of Whim {Mystery Boxes}

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Tell us what you would like to see in your box, or write out an intention. This can be as broad or in-depth as you'd like!

    ex) tarot, protection, incense, silver jewelry, teas for mood-boosting, soaps & bath bombs, etc (anything we sell is fair game!)

    We will take your preferences into consideration, but any items you list are NOT guaranteed to be included.

    **Please also use this space to let us know if there is anything you are allergic to!**

  • By completing this mystery box order, you agree to the following:

    • I understand that for legal purposes this mystery box is for entertainment purposes only.
    • I understand that the items I recieve do not take the place of any medical diagnosis and or legal advice.
    • I understand that unless explicitly stated, the items in this mystery box are not safe for consumption or are for topical use only.
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