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Hello and welcome to Lore of Lucianus! Our whimsical and cozy retail space features a curated selection of beautiful tarot and oracle decks, mystical books on various metaphysical topics, magickal supplies, and arcane ritual tools. We also showcase exquisite handmade products from local artisans & small businesses such as:  delicate China teacup candles, handcrafted magic wands, unique clay jewelry and home decor, and an array of vintage and thrifted treasures. We are an extension of our sister shop, Creatures of Whim, conveniently located right next door and accessible through a portal doorway.
We also share our space with the lovely Anh Sang Boutique!

Come visit us in downtown Lexington at:
128 N Broadway
Lexington, KY 40507

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Our Beloved Residents:

Canfield's Fine Magic Wands

At Canfield's Fine Magic Wands, each wand is a masterpiece, handcrafted with meticulous detail and love by woodworker Job Canfield. Utilizing rare and high-quality woods, these wands are more than mere tools; they are works of art. Some wands are further enhanced with the addition of crystals and gemstones, making them truly unique and powerful. Whether for magical practice or as a collector's item, a wand from Canfield's is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and enchanting beauty.  Connect more here: Instagram

Bestemor's Emporium

Bestemor's Emporium offers a delightful collection of handcrafted creations, exuding 100% grandma vibes. Our specialty lies in candle teacups: delicate vintage and thrifted china teacups transformed into enchanting candles. The emporium also features unique vintage candle snuffers, china cups, dishes, and plates, as well as charming candle holders. Discover our handmade vintage knitted blankets and throws, along with beautiful vintage beaded handbags. At Bestemor's Emporium, every item is a nostalgic nod to timeless elegance and cozy comfort. Connect more here: Instagram

Lore of Lucianus

From intention spell candles to ritual oils, handmade ceramic altars to cleansing spiritual sprays and washes, and even ritual bath teas and salt soaks, we offer a diverse range of products crafted with care and intention. Additionally, we specialize in crafting talismans and amulets tailored empowering you to manifest your intentions with personalized magic. Items in this selection are meticulously handmade in-house by Lynna, who is the purveyor of both Lore of Lucianus and Creatures of Whim.  Experience the magic of Lore of Lucianus and bring an enchanting, mystical touch to your spiritual practice.

Anh Sang Boutique

We share our space (128 N Broadway, Lexington) with the lovely Anh Sang Boutique!

Anh Sang Boutique, founded by Annie Ngo, is a haven for fashion enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting and infusing excitement into their sense of  style. This curated collection includes timeless vintage and thrifted clothing as well as contemporary Asian streetwear pieces, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

Complementing the apparel range are one-of-a-kind accessories, such as hats, handbags, hair accessories, wallets, and jewelry, adding the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

The name "Anh Sang," meaning "sunshine" in Vietnamese, reflects Annie's heritage and the boutique's mission to infuse joy, sunshine, and happiness into every piece that's offered. With this ethos, Anh Sang Boutique aims to illuminate not just wardrobes but also daily lifestyles. Discover your own ray of sunshine at Anh Sang Boutique. Connect more here: Instagram

What does 'Lucianus' Mean?

Lucianus is a Latin word meaning "light, illumination, or to shine".

A few years ago, shortly after launching my first venture, Creatures of Whim, I had this profound and
life-changing dream that I consider a spiritual experience:

In this dream, I found myself among unfamiliar faces, a group of newfound friends perhaps from a class setting. During a break, a classmate unveiled a tarot deck titled "Lucianus," its cover adorned with simple black ink illustrations. As she attempted to open the box, a blinding burst of light emanated, revealing a celestial figure—a blue-skinned deity. His skin was azure, his hair intricately braided, and he was adorned with numerous ornate necklaces cascading around his neck. Instantly, an inner knowing stirred: he was a
God-form - a Divine being. My intuition resonated with certainty of this realization. 

With a touch upon our shoulders, he transformed us all into pure light, an ethereal form in which  I felt weightless and interconnected with all existence, embodying both light and love. Upon awakening, I delved into research, stunned to find the striking resemblance between the Hindu god, Shiva, and the figure in my dream. The synchronicity left me in awe, questioning how my mind conjured such precise imagery. Grateful for the profound encounter, I embrace the connection with Shiva, feeling guided and protected by his infinite wisdom. This experience reaffirms my belief in the tangible reality of intuition and the
divine guidance that permeates our lives.

Since that dream, the word "Lucianus" has carried immense significance for me. It embodies the inner light within each of us, the ethereal realm from which we originate. To me, "Lucianus" symbolizes our spiritual home, the sanctuary of souls, and the inherent divinity within us all. From that moment, I felt compelled to incorporate this word into a future project or business endeavor because it holds such deep meaning for me. Thus, Lore of Lucianus was born.

- Lynna Nguyen -

owner / founder

Thank you for visiting Lore of Lucianus! 
We hope to see you around in-person soon.

You can find us at 128 N Broadway, Lexington!
Have an enchanted rest of your day!

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