"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion."

- The Dalai Lama -

Creatures of Whim is a lovingly curated collection of handmade and organic goods created by artisans, designers, and craftspeople around the world.  We partner with global nonprofit organizations and their skilled makers and artisans to create unique & high-quality fair-trade goods. Each product tells a story about its origin and creator. Your support of Creatures of Whim helps provide a stable income for the makers in communities in need around the world. This is a collaborative community project that we hope can bring people from all over the world closer, especially between customers and creators. We want to change the way we shop and the reasons why we shop.  Join the revolution.

Who are we and why do we do it?
Creatures of Whim Owner & Founder Lynna Nguyen

Lynna's purpose is to raise the vibration of Earth’s consciousness,  enhance the quality of people’s lives, and encourage unapologetic self-expression in others by creating a more beautiful planet through her modalities of art, design, and creativity.


Lynna has always been drawn to the glamorous world of fashion ever since she was young. She followed this path with passion and ambition, obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Design and then moving forward to work in the flashy fashion scene for about 3 years.


As a product developer for several fashion brands, she realized that the fashion world was not full of the glitz and glamour she had envisioned. The way manufacturers and vendors were treated by the companies she worked for disturbed her. With neither humanity nor compassion, vendors were mistreated daily, charged unethical fines for making minor mistakes or for late shipments of production that were not in their control.


In addition to witnessing this daily abuse and exploitation firsthand, it sickened her to know that the workers in the manufacturing companies worked long hours in unclean, unsafe, sweatshop-type environments for unbelievably low pay rates. On top of this, they were being mistreated by their clients.


At this time of both disillusionment and enlightenment, she realized what she had to do. It is her mission and purpose in life to heal this relationship -- the way society relates to its makers and creators.  Customers and consumers should strive to honor, respect, and nurture these artisans so they can grow and perfect their skills and craftsmanship. The cycle of abuse and exploitation needs to stop and be replaced with a sense of  compassionate, connective community. This is why Creatures of Whim was born. Your loving support for Creatures of Whim will help to heal the relationship between consumers and global creators. It will rebuild the industry with love, compassion, community, and humanity. We need you to shine your light and spread the love. We need you.