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Spellwork: Banishing or Return to Sender

Remove negative energies, entities, influences, or unwanted individuals from a person's life

  • 30 min
  • 95 US dollars
  • Creatures of Whim

Service Description

A banishing spell is typically used in various spiritual or magical practices to remove negative energies, entities, influences, or unwanted individuals from a person's life, space, or environment. It can be employed for various purposes, including: Protection: Banishing spells can be used to create a protective barrier around oneself or one's home, warding off harmful energies or entities. Removing Negativity: They can help to dispel negative emotions, thoughts, or influences that may be affecting a person's well-being or causing distress. Ending Unhealthy Relationships: Banishing spells can be used to sever ties with toxic people or relationships that are no longer serving one's highest good. Clearing Spaces: They can cleanse and purify physical spaces, such as homes or workplaces, of stagnant or negative energies. Breaking Curses or Hexes: Banishing spells may be employed to remove any curses, hexes, or negative intentions that have been directed towards oneself or others. Releasing Attachments: They can assist in releasing attachments to past traumas, fears, or negative patterns, allowing for personal growth and transformation. Psychic Protection: Banishing spells can be used as a form of psychic self-defense, shielding against psychic attacks or unwanted influences from others. --- A "return to sender" spell is a type of magical practice often used in spiritual or occult traditions to send back negative energy, curses, hexes, or harmful intentions to their original source. The con --- Spells are rituals designed to set intentions into motion. For instance, if you're seeking to manifest a new home, you can internally focus your energy and thoughts on this goal. Additionally, you can perform specific actions or incantations to enhance the manifestation process. This constitutes a spell. Tools can be utilized to support your practice. If you're interested in my spellcasting services to bring about a desired outcome in your life, I'm here to assist. However, please note that certain spells may require additional tools or supplies, potentially increasing the session cost. I'll inform you beforehand and seek your approval before purchasing any extra materials. **Please note: I only perform positive energy spells and do not work with black magic or do any work to bring harm to others or change another's will. I do not perform hexes, curses, or love spells that changes another's will. This is a rule of witchcraft that I choose to strictly follow.**

Cancellation Policy

Service Bookings: - Cancellation or Rescheduling: Contact us at least 24 hours before your appointment to receive a full refund. - Cancellation within 24 hours: A $50 cancellation fee will be charged. - No-show without cancellation: The entire payment is forfeited. Events: - 50% of the total cost serves as a non-refundable deposit These policies are in place to ensure that the service provider can manage their schedule effectively and minimize disruptions due to last-minute cancellations or no-shows. Clients are encouraged to adhere to these guidelines to avoid additional charges or forfeiting their payment. We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding in following these policies.

Contact Details

  • Creatures of Whim

    126 North Broadway, Lexington, KY 40507, USA


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