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Hand-poured in Grey Highlands, Ontario, Shy Wolf candles were made for both quiet, sacred moments alone and cozy gatherings with the ones you love most.


Creatures is proud to carry Shy Wolf's line of tarot-inspired candles. Made with cotton wicks, sustainable soy wax, and reusable glass jars, these candles have an estimated burn time of 40-50 hours.


The Fool - sweetgrass, dew, gardenia

The Magician - cypress, cinnamon, smoky vetiver

High Priestess - lavender, sage, patchouli

The Empress - lavender & coconut milk

The Emperor - redwood, cypress, oak moss

The Hierophant - white tea, ginger, florals

The Lovers - rose, lemon, vanilla

The Chariot - amber, violet, peppercorn

Strength - chai, cinnamon, vanilla

The Hermit - leather, tobacco, coffee, cedar

Wheel of Fortune - grapefruit, sandalwood, vetiver

Justice - vanilla tonka, sandalwood, guaiac

Death - fallen leaves, sandalwood, teakwood

Temperance - bergamot, saffron, violet

The Star - raw honey, cocoa butter, cinnamon

The Moon - eucalyptus, spearmint, rosemary

The Sun - citrus, tobacco, cedar

The World - black tea, mandarin, cranberry

Shy Wolf Tarot Candles

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