• This dark gem is full of chocolaty richness, with a subtle smoky flavor. It's our bestseller - you'll see why. Drip grind only.

  • Why is this coffee in 10 oz. bags?
    Scoop for scoop, the 10 oz. bag contains the same amount of coffee as our 12 oz. bags. This is because darker roast coffees actually weigh less, as the beans lose more moisture during a longer roasting process. Beans also expand the longer they are roasted, and begin to take up more space. You are getting the same number of beans as a 12 oz. bag, but the grounds themselves are simply lighter!

  • Aroma: brown sugar, brownie, floral 
    sweet, fudgy chocolate, gingerbread 
    velvety & thick 
    prolonged, bittersweet chocolate

Organic French Roast Coffee 10oz

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