New Moon - New Beginnings! 

Set your intentions, with this ritual candle, specially made for your New Moon rituals. We all know that the moon has an incredible energy that varies from phase to phase. This candle is made from 100% vegan Soy wax with a powerful signature Moon blend made from Dark Musk,  Geranium and Amber infused with Hibiscus Flowers and Selenite Crystal.


☽ Selenite Is one of the very few minerals that have the ability to quickly unblock any stuck or stagnant energy to ensure a smooth flow of positive energy through your body or also space. Selenite will help you to make an important decision and will protect you from mental sabotages.

☽ Hibiscus This lusty flower incites passion — use it to attract love or lust, or for prophetic dreams. Attracting love and lust, divination, and dreams. 


☽ Candle Magick, Black is a powerful color in astrology and magic, and a candle of such color influences self-control, patience, endurance and protection.



Programming Your Crystal and Intentions

☆ When you burn your candle for the first time, let it burn all over the surface for the first time, close your eyes and visualize your intentions being stored on your crystal at the same time is being charged with the power of fire, let the wax pool form on the top of the candle (this could take almost 1 hour), then put your candle off and it's time to grab your crystal.

☆ Picking your crystal after the first burn will help your candle to not clog and burn more evenly! That way it will last longer.

Handmade in the U.S.A
40+ hrs of burn time
All candles are made from 100% organic soy wax and Coconut Oil Blend.
Cruelty-Free 🐼
Comes in an 8oz tin can with lid

New Moon Intention Candle

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