• This is a truly miraculous money drawing spell that works amazingly well. 

  • Only a few additional items are needed to perform this spell. A cauldron or heat safe sacred burning vessel to burn the resins provided, a spell candle holder will be needed for your candle, and a roll of charcoal disks for burning the resins provided. 

  • You will receive:

    One Bottle of Money Drawing Resin
    One Bottle of Money Drawing Anointing Ritual Oil
    One Green Spell Candle
    One detailed Spell Scroll

  • Contained in a glass corked bottle adorned with a Pentacle Charm charm.


  • Because we are experiencing the most difficult economic times ever known in this modern world, this is the only reason I have chosen to share this truly magical spell. If you are in need of immediate financial gain, abundance, are worried about how you’re going to scrape up the money for the mortgage payment, and need money now, I highly suggest you utilize this spell. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Many of my customers have worked this spell and have also had and continue to have amazing success with it, as it is a spell which can be worked over and over, well for a lifetime!


  • A few things you will need to perform the spell: A cauldron or safe incense burning vessel, charcoal disks for burning incense, a small spell candle holder, all available here at Creatures of Whim


  • Abundant Blessings ~

Money, Abundance, Prosperity Spell Kit

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