• For best results, I highly reccomend using the tooth powder and oral spray together! Read descriptions for more info.

    2 oz Tooth Powder Ingredients: bentonite clay, powdered mountain mint (wildcrafted), powdered peppermint (organic), powdered yarrow (organic), baking soda

    Why powder? The simple answer is as soon as you start adding liquid ingredients to a tooth paste, you have to add more ingredients to preserve it and make it shelf stable. Often, these additives are the toxic ingredients we are trying to avoid in the first place. I used coconut oil for many years to make my powder into a paste, but I've found the familiarity it provides to traditional tooth paste is not worth the sink mess and drain clogging that comes with it.

    Description: a nontoxic, plastic free alternative to traditional tooth paste. Dip wet toothbrush in the jar or sprinkle with a spoon and brush as usual! If you find this is a good option for you, send me back your jar and I will refill it- making this a zero waste option! This powder mostly functions as an abrasive cleaning agent for teeth (note: a safe level of abrasivity). It will leave your teeth feeling clean and the clay aids in remineralization. It will not leave an overpowering fresh breath scent - that's what the spray is for!
  • Handmade in Beatyville, KY

Herbal Tooth Powder - Toothpaste Alternative

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