• We live in a gnarly world full of gravity, sharp objects, and insects- thankfully our all-natural Gnar Jar is the perfect ammunition against the harsh realities of this planet. This gentle, CBD-Infused moisturizer can be used to soothe road rash, reduce inflammation in cuts & insect bites, and calm ailments such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • This portable 0.25 oz container is perfect to toss in your fanny pack and use liberally throughout the day for lasting relief. We will let you know that this product’s base is a 92 degree (F) coconut oil that WILL turn to liquid if exposed to heat for prolonged periods. NO WORRIES THOUGH- this will not affect the efficacy of the product as long as temperatures don’t reach over 160 degrees (F), but it might make for an oily outfit if it overheats in your back pocket. (:
  • The FDA wants us to let you know not to apply this product to open wounds and to be careful around your eyes and mouth (those things are important). Also, the DEA wants us to let you know that we have no idea if these products are capable of providing any therapeutic benefits, I guess you’ll just have to try them out for yourselves!
  • These products are compliant with the Federal Farm Bill containing less than 0.3% THC.

Gnar Jar 0.25 oz

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  • A Brand Built on a Lifestyle. A lifestyle Built on a Plant.


    The cannabis plant has been the epitome of ECO vibin’ for CENTURIES! While growing wild across the entire globe, this plant is able to suck toxins from the soil AND sequester carbon dioxide & other greenhouse gases from the air. Post-harvest the stalk can be left in the field to restore vital nutrients to the soil or E V E R Y part of the plant can be used to create a myriad of sustainable & therapeutic products.

    When you buy ECOrganic products, you're investing in the FUTURE of our Planet.


    "Until we end our violence against the Earth, how can we hope to end the violence against each other? The Earth, which we all have in common is our deepest bond, and our behavior toward it reflects our behavior toward each other."

    -Wendell Berry


    Love the Earth & Love Yourself.


    We realize that the skin is not only our largest organ but also the 'filter' that stands between our primary organs and the outside world. Many companies are trying to capitalise on the sudden interest in all things organic, ‘green’, and Earth-friendly BUT these companies are still filling single-use plastic containers with chemicals, preservatives, synthetic fragrances & colouring. NOT US. Every ingredient that we put into our products is selected for the utmost quality. Always organic, fair-trade, non-GMO. Locally sourced as much as we can, hence KY Proud. And you'll never find any 'red list' ingredients in our stuff. P L U S, all of our packaging is recycled, reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable. We don’t hide behind our label, we’re transparent on it…We're hippies, people!! If we wouldn't use it, we wouldn't put it in one of our products. Thanks for supporting our vibe (: