• Myth has it that a group of thieves during the European outbreak of the black plague set out to rob the dead and the sick in Marseille. When they were caught, they offered to exchange their secret recipe, which had allowed them to commit the robberies without catching the disease, in exchange for leniency.


  • Natural Cleanser – The herbs used in this recipe posess strong antimicrobial effects and vinegar, in any case, makes an excellent natural cleanser. Fill a spray bottle with the vinegar and use it to clean and sterilize kitchen counters and bathrooms.
  • Astringent – Dilute some vinegar with water and use as a cleansing agent or astringent for the skin.
  • Insect Repellant – Fill a spray bottle with 1/4 cup of vinegar and top with filtered water. Spray on skin, clothes, etc. to deter pesky bugs.
  • As a Soak – I’ve had some people report really good success using this vinegar as a soak or topical spray for foot or nail fungus.
  • Room Disinfectant/Freshener – When a family member is sick, dilute this with 1 part water and put in a spray bottle to make a potent disinfectant to be used on surfaces or sprayed in the air.
  • Dandruff – Diluted and used on the scalp, this remedy is also said to be effective against dandruff.
  • Energetic Banishing: can be used to clean door knobs so that negative energies will be cleansed away and new negativity is halted before it can enter into your sacred space. Wash window sills, phones, hands, sprinkle at entryways for protection, add to a bucket of water as a floor wash, cars, offices, its uses are literally endless, get creative! Write your intent or a spell on paper, soak it in the vinegar, then bury it or burn it. Use it to "wash your hands" of bad people, an ex that won't stop bugging you, enemies, people who are draining your energy. Use for cleansing rituals of all kinds, home blessings and clearing rituals, cleanse gemstones and crystals, ritual tools.This powerful potion is witch charged to vanquish negativity that may be surrounding you or your home. The potion is used to strengthen YOU and weaken the enemy, providing protection against all kinds of negative forces.

Four Thieves Vinegar Spray 2 oz