• Packaged in a convenient compostable paper push tube. Once it's cleaned out, just add it to your compost pile!
    Formulated with baking soda (deodorizer), arrowroot powder (detoxifier), organic coconut oil (antibacterial) and cocoa and mango butters (moisturizers) for ALL DAY effectiveness and comfort. Scented with essential oils. Compostable PushTube 1.9oz Net Wt.

    A swipe or two is all that's needed for All Day Adventures!

    INGREDIENTS: non-gmo arrowroot powder, organic fair trade coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, candelilla wax, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, mango butter, essential oils (except Unscented)

    This product has been carefully hand crafted with high quality food grade ingredients, and without the use of extra preservatives.  
    Please, store between 65 and 75 degrees, and use within 12 months of purchase!

ALL DAY DEODORANT w/Baking Soda - Compostable PushTube

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