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This is a database + resource for those seeking a soul-aligned local healer, reader, coach, or holistic health practitioner in the nearby region. In an effort to give back to our beloved community, we've designed this directory so you can easily find the perfect energetic match to help guide you on your path towards spiritual wellness & personal development.  All entries are organized in alphabetical order of offering category, i.e. tarot readers, Reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, etc.  Good luck!

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Creatures' Resident Healers & Readers

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Akashic Records Reader & Energy Healer

Healing work can be completed through sentient intelligence energy healing (a type of intuitive energy healing) by removing energy blocks from your physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual body. I also work with the Akashic Records, healing crystals, tarot/oracle cards, and Ayurveda to assist clients with their needs. I intend to help others in realizing their own life purpose so that we may raise the energy and vibration of humanity and Earth as a collective.


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Intuitive Energy Healer & Shaman

Creator of Creatures of Whim.  Shamanic priestess, intuitive energy healer, and eclectic witch.  I come from a lineage of Vietnamese shamans and I'm here to carry on their legacy and, using their teachings, help heal the modern world.  I offer shamanic healing, energy healing, tarot reading, custom spellwork, and spiritual coaching.  I hope that my offerings here are able to aid you in your Sacred journey and serve you in some way.  Connect with me and explore more about my offerings on my website:


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Kundalini Snake Energy Healer

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Reiki Master, LMT, and Spiritual Coach

Through our sessions we break through barriers that have been holding you back longer than you can remember.

My clients have made major career moves, relationship decisions, and faced past trauma. They let go of what's holding them back and move forward into the future.


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Sound Healer & Spiritual Coach

My mission in this lifetime is to help as many people as possible find their own path to wellness. Whether that is physical health, emotional well-being, mental stability, or spiritual enlightenment. I am a way-shower. I am here to do the work myself then reach back on the path I traveled to lend you a hand. My part is to play for you, to inspire you, to activate you, and to move you. The vibration of the crystal bowls extends far beyond your ability to hear them. Their influence brings recalibration, alignment, and balance long after the sound fades out.


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Tarot Reader

Tarot reader who uses the magic of the cards to help heal traumas and clear blockages & stuck energy.


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Psychic, Tarot Reader, & Spiritual Consultant

Ruby is a hereditary psychic and intuitive empath. Her passion is helping others on their spiritual, career, health, and love life paths. Her gifts come from above, the Divine. Ruby reads tarot and oracle cards (with or without questions). She strives to help other along their life paths with affirmations, spiritual guidance, and shamanic wisdom. She also has extensive knowledge about herbal remedies, holistic healing, crystal healing, and many other areas which she can use to provide guidance for any concerns or questions you may have.


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Local & Regional Healers & Readers

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