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What are astrology boxes?


Each monthly box includes tons of goodies and treasures pertaining or related to that month's astrological sign.  These boxes make incredible birthday gifts, holiday presents, or gifts for any occasion. They are also perfect if you simply feel like you want to #treatyoself and represent your astrological tribe!


What is inside an astrology box?


The contents of each box varies and changes for each new box released, and it will remain a mystery until the pre-orders start getting shipped out! That's what makes them so fun and exciting! It's like a little surprise package every time!  I will list the contents of each box (and most likely do an unboxing video) once they are released to the customers who have placed pre-orders. However, to give you a general idea of what may be in a are a list of possible items:


  • gemstones or other spiritual supplies

  • stationery / paper goods

  • art / home decor

  • skincare / beauty / wellness products 

  • jewelry / wearables / accessories

  • sooo many other possibilities! 

When will new boxes be released for other astrological signs?


A new box will be released once per month.

Will boxes still be available for purchase after the preorder period ends?


Yes, depending on if stock is still available after the initial pre-orders.



These monthly released boxes for the horoscope signs make the perfect gift for yourself or your astrologically inclined friend!

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